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Anders Baumann

About me

I am a trained software developer with an expert knowledge of Java and Java related technologies. I am passionate about programming and I take great pride in producing code of a very high quality. I strive to write clean and elegant code that is easy to read and maintain. I like learning new technologies, theories and tools and I continuously try to improve my programming skills. I am motivated by challenging and complex problems and by a professional working environment with highly skilled colleagues.

Working Experience

  • 02/2009 - now: Technical lead for Deltek's offshore team in Kiev, Ukraine. My main task has been the design and implementation of central parts of the Deltek Maconomy 2.0 ERP product. The client is written in Java and it is based on the Eclipse Rich Client platform. Other major tasks: Writing and reviewing of design documents, code reviewing and hosting seminars on clean code and object oriented programming and design.
  • 08/2004 - 02/2009: Software developer for Deltek (previously Maconomy) in Copenhagen. The first two years I was part of the team that developed the Swing based Maconomy client. The last two years I took part in the design process and development of the next generation client technology for the Deltek Maconomy 2.0 ERP product.
  • 06/2003 - 06/2004: Software developer for E.B.S. Business Software, Quito, Ecuador. Task: Conversion of an existing client-server application to native Internet technologies. The client-server application was human resource software written in PowerBuilder and it was converted into a web solution (Java/XML/XSLT) using XMLSP Manager.
  • 03/2003 - 05/2003: Research assistant at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Task: To improve the XML Store system, perform experiments and prepare a paper for submission. The paper gives an overview of the XML Store system and furthermore describes enhancements of the network communication and other improvements.
  • 06/1998 - 04/2002: Software developer for WS Atkins Denmark. Tasks: Development of database systems in MS Access and MS SQL Server and development of Intranet solutions in ASP and Visual Basic (Student job).
  • 02/2000 - 08/2000: Software developer for The Quality-of-Life Research Center. Task: An Internet based questionnaire developed in Visual Basic, MS Access and Java Script (Alternative for a military service).
  • 02/1995 - 06/1998: Archivist and proofreader at The National Encyclopedia of Denmark (Student job).

Potentially useful information



Tine Thorn , Mikkel Fennestad and Anders Baumann: A distributed, value oriented XML Store (PDF). Supervisor: Professor Peter Sestoft.

The thesis describes the design and implementation of a distributed, peer-to-peer filesystem for storing XML documents. There are two main focus points:

  • Working with XML: The most widespread ways of working with XML (SAX and DOM) are naive and unable to handle common situations such as manipulating a large document and at the same time offer a rich API. The thesis presents a better way of working with XML documents.
  • Distributed systems: Distributed systems are becoming more and more important with the increasing expansion of the Internet. One of the most exciting developments in distributed applications is the peer-to-peer architecture, that due to its decentralized nature makes very scalable and fault tolerant applications possible.

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The paper A peer-to-peer, value oriented XML Store (PDF) gives an overview of the XML Store system.



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Anders Baumann